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      2. Luohu Shenzhen-Hong Kong Culture Month launched
        The 2024 Luohu Shenzhen-Hong Kong Culture Month was officially launched July 12.
        Chinese and expatriate residents learn guqin together
        The Party Committee of Yanshan Community in Zhaoshang Subdistrict, Nanshan District has launched an intangible cultural heritage project dedicated to the guqin, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. The project invites professional teachers to instruct both Chinese and expat residents of the community in playing the guqin.
        A brief history of Olympic mascot design
        The Olympic mascot – a cartoonish encapsulation of the host city’s culture and history – is so important, designs are often selected and finalized years before the Games take place.
        Domestic TV shows roll out red carpet for international stars
        Arriving in China for a music competition in May, U.S. singer Chante Moore was blown away by her soaring popularity in the Asian country within weeks.
        Unfurling scroll of French fashion history in HK
        Nearly 400 stunning pieces of French costumes, jewelry, and accessories from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries are on display at Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM), telling the story of fashion and attire.
        Exhibition unveils enigmatic Zhongshan State
        While many are familiar with the seven most powerful states during the turbulent Warring States period (476-221 B.C.) in ancient China, few are aware of the eighth powerful state — Zhongshan State (414-295 B.C.), situated in modern Hebei Province in North China. A new exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum now unveils the little-known history of this mysterious yet influential state.
        Bookstore offers rose-themed environment for reading
        Readers can find solace and escape at the Rose Bookstore located in the Honey Park (or Xiangmi Park) in Futian District by immersing themselves in stories amid the vibrant hues of blooming Chinese roses.
        Museums to offer easier access for summer
        China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration has issued a circular on the work plan for museum services during the summer season, urging localities to deliver more convenient access to visitors through various means.
        Summer movie season heating up
        ?This summer, amid the rising temperatures, the Chinese film market is heating up.
        Hong Kong Book Fair to feature film and TV literature
        The 34th Hong Kong Book Fair, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), will be held from July 17 to 23 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
        China Literature partners with French institutions to bridge cultures
        Leading Chinese online literature platform China Literature Ltd. (also known as Yuewen) announced the collaboration with the Eiffel Foundation and Bonjour Brand at the 10th Bonjour Brand Forum held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France on June 21.
        Veteran artist strives at staying relevant
        Ying Tianqi, an artist and professor at Shenzhen University, who made his fame in the late 1970s with innovative waterprint woodcut techniques and has since continued to experiment with new ideas and new mediums.
        Ballroom dance championship dazzles city
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        AI Summer Camp
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