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        Unique Korean coffee shop attracts Shenzheners
        Gil Na-hyun and Yu Eun-ju, two South Korean girls, have their own coffee shop in Futian District. They have been working in Futian for several years. The girls attend various events from the government to develop their coffee shop brand. They are also constantly learning new things so they can always add new flavors to their coffee and homemade baked goods.
        Anna embraces new life in Shenzhen
        Anna Gutierrez from the U.S. made her way to Shenzhen last August to take on the role of an arts and music teacher. Alongside her teaching responsibilities, she brings her expertise as a experienced photographer and videographer to a local rugby team by spearheading their media content. Watch this video to explore her perspectives on Shenzhen as a newcomer to the city.
        Why Shenzhen is so attractive to Matteo Convertino
        Matteo Convertino, associate professor at the Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School said Shenzhen is attractive to him, not just because of the weather or the natural environment, but also because of the connection between people.
        French chef hopes to explore deeper into city
        Gérald Genson, the executive chef of Park Hyatt Shenzhen said his goal is to learn more about China because he has a lot to learn about the ingredients and local food as well as to understand his team in Shenzhen.
        Embracing Year of Dragon: Expats extend blessings
        May the Year of the Dragon bring you good fortune.
        Greetings from friends around the world
        Chinese New Year greetings from friends around the world.
        May Year of the Dragon bring you strength and joy
        The use of the rare Chinese character "龘" in the official theme and visual identity of China Media Group (CMG)'s 2024 Spring Festival Gala has sparked widespread interest. As per the Kangxi Dictionary, this character originates from China's first regular script dictionary "Yupian" and shares the same pronunciation as "沓(dá)." It vividly portrays the majestic flight of dragons. Over thousands of years, the dragon has evolved into a spiritual symbol and cultural totem deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, as well as in the cultures of other East Asian countries. If you're curious to learn more about this magnificent mythical creature, be sure to watch this video.
        Come celebrate Spring Festival in SZ ⑨
        Come take a look at what coffee shop owners Gil Na-hyun and Yu Eun-ju of South Korea recommend to do in Shenzhen during the Chinese New Year holiday.
        Come celebrate Spring Festival in SZ ⑧
        Join us on an exciting journey to Shenzhen — a city that seamlessly blends the marvels of modern technology, the richness of ancient traditions, diverse cultures, and the breathtaking beauty of nature.
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