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        Shenzhen Municipal Government offers preferential policies for headquarters companies

        From: Shenzhen Government Online

        Shenzhen will offer a subsidy of 10 million yuan for newly-introduced headquarters companies that promise to generate output value and pay tax to the local government as required within a certain period of time.

        The city will offer a cash reward of up to 20 million yuan for eligible headquarters companies.

        Headquarters companies that do not have fixed office space and rent offices will receive a subsidy of upto 1.5 million yuan each year.

        Headquarters companies that do not have fixed office space and purchase offices for the first time will receive a subsidy equivalent to 10% of the total purchase price and capped at 50 million yuan.

        Eligible headquarters companies can enjoy preferential policies such as receiving a subsidy to purchase office space and services from senior officials as well as residential buildings, education, healthcare and expedited exit and entry through customs.

        (Source: Shenzhen Commerce Bureau)

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