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        New rules promote gene therapy and TCM

        From: Shenzhen Daily

        Three sets of regulations involving social credit, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and cell and gene therapy officially came into force in Shenzhen on March 1, 2023.

        The innovative regulations are aimed at optimizing the business environment, boosting the industrial development and improving people’s well-being.

        The set of regulations on promoting the cell and gene therapy industry is the first such legislation in China. Under the legislation, patients with severe conditions are able to use new medicines undergoing clinical trials. The regulations encourage enterprises and research institutes to participate in the formulation of related national and international standards on gene sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. The rules also lend support to medical institutions in using genetic technology to assist in clinical diagnosis.

        The set of regulations on promoting the innovative development of TCM will allow citizens to enjoy more convenient and quality TCM services.

        The regulations stipulate that each district shall set up at least one public TCM comprehensive hospital. Public comprehensive hospitals, maternity and child hospitals, infectious disease hospitals and other hospitals with appropriate conditions are required to set up a TCM department and pharmacy.

        The regulations allow eligible TCM entities to provide door-to-door services, including TCM treatment, health care guidance and medication instruction. According to the national law, doctors are permitted to practice only at registered medical institutions.

        Community medical service centers should also offer TCM services.

        The legislations regulating social credit issues will help create an honest and trustworthy social environment, as well as an enabling business environment, according to the Daily report.

        In order to avoid abuse of authority by public management institutions for disciplinary measures on untrustworthiness, the regulations specify which behaviors are subject to punishment.

        Penalties can be waived for minor misconducts and first-time violators, as per the regulations. Violators can also restore their credit after making rectifications.

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